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Wellness Wednesday Healthy Holiday Tips

December 22, 2021 Dr. Damaris Grossmann APRN FNP-C
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Wellness Wednesday Healthy Holiday Tips
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 Dr. Damaris G. is an Integrative Doctor of Nurse Practice Family Nurse Practioner Mom, Veteran,. BC Family Nurse Practioner & Holistic Integrative health, Studies Functional Medicine
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Damaris Grossmann:

Hello. So hi, how are you? This is Dr. Damaris, Maria Grossman. And this is the mind play integrative show. We're talking today about our holidays. So I'm just doing a small check in on healthy habits, knowing this week and coming into the new year. And just some quick tips that I say, mindful healthy tips during the holidays. And how is that possible? I know you're probably thinking, No, I don't know how to be healthy during the holidays. And it's not really an option for me. But let me tell you that just small things that you do, can make a difference. So let's go by, let's just try to be clean. So washing your hands, preventing germs, being mindful of that way, trying to not get a cold. So let's say it's hand washing month, you know, you want to bundle up, you want to keep yourself if you're in a cold environment, try to manage your overall stress. And we'll talk about that. I want you to think about your family and try to see if you can do certain things to help alleviate the overall burden, whether it's eating or drinking or excess of anything. So really just think about the holiday time is not only to arrest and de stress, but think of it as a moderation, everything in moderation. So my first tip is be active with your family and friends and loved ones. Meaning when you go to see and visit or travel, what have you maybe make that time to do a little video with them or a walk or a jog or some sort of exercise or, or mindful movement to kind of get each other into the right mindset. My second tip would be bring snacks or trying to snack wisely. Meaning where can you get like available healthy options prior to an event or before. So what that means is I would say Bring some water, maybe eat an apple prior to a big meal. And you know, things of that nature. Now, portion size. Now how do you get mindful when it comes to portions especially during the holidays and all the cookies and all such. So smaller plates usually is one and trying to get portion of the cookies, let's say you do two or three in the morning, maybe two or three in the evening. And give yourself a pause give yourself about five to 10 minutes before you're about to eat another serving of those cookies or another serving of food. I have a video online mindful eating video and you know, take a look at that and, and the benefits of mindful eating and where you can go with that. The next option really, when it comes to being healthy is think about how you're sleeping and what are you doing to increase the or shall I say decrease the hunger hormones and increase in your digestion reset so they call it rest and digest for a reason. If you're getting your sleep, your metabolism is working well. And you're not just kind of getting that heavy bloated feeling during the holidays. Now stress is always going to be something that I consider as a transformation of your hormones and and lowering and modifying your cortisol levels. That's always a benefit. And if you can always find something in your day, whether that's a nice book or music or walking or hanging out. Instead of just always picking a food options. You know that's another way or even alcohol trying to decrease the amount of alcohol you may be having. If you are going to drink you know maybe avoid drinking on an empty stomach. So my next tip is how do you balance your meal when you're going to eat for the holidays. So say smaller plates. Always pair foods with protein. If you're a vegetarian then you know have your vegetarian protein options and a good amount of fiber within each meal. Now if you are going to an event or going to holidays, my big suggestion is bring a healthy dish so I always say bring like a veggie occurred a fruit platter, vegetable dish that you have made and you know what's in it. And that in itself, I would say treaded water seltzer in between your alcohol. Another one, when you're trying to limit your deserted take, again, come back and pause. Give yourself that minute. The smaller plates absolutely necessary. And keep yourself on a daily regimen of where you're at kind of log your meals, get yourself motivated. And in the long run, on the day that you think you may be eating more access, try to see if you can pair and fill up middle with water. And set yourself some limits, there's no reason to have access in this time, all it's gonna do is make you feel bloated and tired or even the next day, feel really exhausted and not so great. So you can still enjoy those holiday treats. Just be mindful of how much my additional tips would be, always make room for the good stuff. So it may not seem like veggies are the good stuff. But if you put more of that like half of that on your plate and still have you know, the the creamy things are such other things. Maybe that will keep you full and more of that fibrous foods. I recommend you know, to really taking a pause. So my main goal of everything is really taking a pause, resetting, getting yourself some water, and paying attention to what really matters when you're with your family. What does that mean? You're, you're collectively meeting and talking and spending time. It's not always having to be food to be together. You want to spend time to enjoy stories, to enjoy their company to share things that you haven't shared in many times. And over eating is not something that will make you feel good in the long run. It may just be an emotional response. And how do you kind of let go from that if it's not eating my other main tip too is also try to avoid excess calories in the drinking. Drinking you know me relax, you have one or two. But when you drink in excess that also has a high amount of calories. So how do you decrease that option, you know, still have maybe with dinner or but make some quality choices when you're choosing because you know that glass of eggnog is like 500 calories or some other beers and wines. So you know, one of them mixed drinks maybe or a glass of water in between to kind of tame your day. So these are just kind of my tips. And the main ones are you know, reset, focus and plan ahead. And don't forget to be kind to yourself. Thanks again and enjoy your holidays and get ready for the new year to reset renew. And don't forget to love yourself each and every day.